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  • We are a service provider dedicated to preparing your facility for  accreditation.


  • We perform a thorough facility assessment, and remediation report.


  • Develop a comprehensive action plan for each problem identified.


  • Provide an easy and convenient way to complete, save, and submit your IAC CT Accreditation application

Comprehensive CT Accreditation Preparation Services


CT accreditation is now required for reimbursement from Medicare, Medicaid, and select private insurance companies.


A & M Wellness TeKnology provides a comprehensive accreditation preparation program includes a one-day onsite facility site survey. It also includes in-depth application support, policies and procedures, quality control testing support and final review of submitted application materials.



Medical Physics Services


A & M Wellness TeKnology works with medical and health consulting groups to provide high quality, professional Medical Physics and Health Physics services to give the best accreditation experience possible to our customers.


Services offered are plan reviews (shielding designs), radiation protection programs, post-installation radiation safety surveys, equipment performance evaluations and  dental physics testing in support of accreditation.

Continuing Education


As part of our service, A & M Wellness TeKnology works with course providers, on a one-time or ongoing basis, to develop CE programs required for Accreditation. This also ensures that all professionals maintain and grow their professional expertise.


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